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By Elian Zimmermann
21 December 2022

Changes to our training starting 2023


Our 2023 training schedule is now live, and we’re excited to share that we will be having more courses available in Durban and Cape Town going forward. Another exciting feature that we’ll be offering starting next year is in-course certification for Ignition.

Here are a few important things to note regarding the new in-course certification:

1. Becoming Ignition Certified with In-Course Certification

Core and Gold Certification levels will be available to be earned in 5-day Ignition Courses. You only need to attend the appropriate course and complete the assigned labwork to obtain a Core or Gold Certification. The labwork will consist of a series of daily prompts that follow the class material. Each day’s labwork will be reviewed the following morning before training starts.

The Core Certification level can be earned in the 5-day Ignition Core course. The Gold Certification level can be achieved in any one of the 5-day Ignition Advanced training courses. Currently, we offer two Advanced courses: one focused on using Databases & Scripting in Ignition and one focused on the Ignition Perspective Module.

Your first step is the Inductive University Credential. The Inductive University videos, Challenges, and its Credential Certification are fantastic resources to start with Ignition.

2. Where can I join a training course?

We have scheduled classes that grant Core and Gold Certification levels in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban. You can join us virtually if you’re based outside these regions as well.

Show me available training sessions.

3. Staying Certified with In-Course Certification

Once you complete an in-course Certification, your Certification level will be valid for three years. For those that later obtain a Gold Certification level, your 3-year Certification Window will restart from the date the Gold Certification was earned.

When your Certification Window is near expiration, you can join a special Certification Update class that covers new features and functionality of Ignition. Certification Update classes will exist for each Certification level, and completing one will restart your Certification Window. We will have an announcement in the future with details about the Core and Gold Certification Update classes.

4. What if I Am Already Certified?

Any current Certification level you have will not change. If you are currently Core or Gold 8.1 certified, you will continue to be certified at that level with no action required.

5. Can I Still Take a Certification Test?

The short answer is yes, but the tests will be phased out over the next year. In this transition period, you can become certified with either the classes or the Core and Gold Certification Tests. The final deadline for all test submissions is Nov. 13th, 2023. After that date, test submissions will no longer be accepted.

6. Certification Changes Timeline

January 2023

Element8 starts in-course Certification in all classes.

13 Feb 2023

Deadline for issuing new 8.1 Certification Tests. No Full versions of the test will be issued after this date. Upgrade tests can still be issued, and tests in progress can still be submitted.

15 May 2023

Deadline for issuing upgrade tests. No new upgrade tests will be issued after this date.

Tests in progress can still be submitted.

14 August 2023

Deadline for submitting an ungraded test. This is the last possible date that a first submission will be accepted. You must submit your test results by this date to ensure the test is valid.

Test resubmissions will still be allowed.

13 November 2023

Final deadline for submitting a Certification Test. You must submit your test results by this date to ensure the test is valid.

Still Have Questions?

Visit the Inductive Automation Certification Changes FAQ page to help answer any additional questions, or contact us, we’re always ready to help.

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