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By Elian Zimmermann
20 November 2023

Fireside Chat



Jaco Markwat
Team Lead
Kent Melville
Director of Sales Engineering
Inductive Automation
Ken Wyant
Director of Business Solutions
Clark Bossert
Director of Business Development
Leonard Smit
Customer Success Manager
Flow Software


Our day started with an insightful conversation with Kent Melville, Director of Sales Engineering at Inductive Automation, Kenneth Wyant, Director of Business Solutions at Canary, Clark Bossert, Director of Business Development at Canary and Leonard Smit, Customer Success Manager at Flow Software.

The team discussed digital transformation, industry trends, technology roadmaps and the most important question you should ask: What are we solving for? While we have many technologies available, select the technology that reduces technical debt, is scalable and sustainable and, most importantly, solves your immediate technical and business needs.

Kent shared highlights from the recent ICC 2023, including IA’s first international office, Inductive Automation Australia, Community Impact Program, Ignition Edge Updates and what to look forward to in Ignition 8.3, targeting a late 2024 release. Also, in the near future, multi-tenant licensing will soon be available for Ignition Cloud Edition!

Ken and Clark shared exciting international expansion into India, context on some of the time-series database growth drivers, and an update on the immense effort by the Canary development team working on the much anticipated Linux support of the Canary System.

Speaking of Linux support, Leonard shared details of the recently released Flow Version 7.0. Now, with multiplatform support for both Linux and Docker! With this technology update, you can run the different Flow components on various platforms, including Linux and Docker, with support for x86 and ARM processors. Other highlights include new regression functions for Machine Learning fundamentals and several performance enhancements.


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