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By Elian Zimmermann
07 November 2023

The New Ignition Edge


Edge computing, or the “Edge”, plays a significant role in Industry 4.0 by enabling real-time decision-making, reducing latency, and data processing at the source. It refers to computing infrastructure that brings computational power and intelligence closer to where data is generated, typically near the network’s edge.

A Stronger and Simpler Ignition Edge

Capturing, processing, and visualising critical data at the remote edge of the network has never been more accessible or affordable. By adding the updated line of Ignition Edge® products to field and OEM devices, you can extend your data collection with unlimited tag and device connections, see your data at the edge with state-of-the-art visualisation tools, run scripts, interface with applications, and extend your system to the edge of your network with data syncing and system management.

We’re excited to introduce the new Ignition Edge, with a streamlined product line to enhance your IIoT and edge-of-network capabilities. Below are the latest offerings and how to upgrade your Ignition Edge software. 

Updated Products

  • Ignition Edge IIoT: R18,000*
    • Unlimited tags and devices for included drivers
    • Edge Sync Services, Edge EAM & Edge Compute functionality are all included
  • Ignition Edge Panel: R37,000*
    • Unlimited tags and device connections, and everything else in Edge IIoT, plus local visualisation and control at the edge through either a Perspective session or Vision client

Edge IIoT and Edge Panel also include: 

  • Internal tag historian
  • Event logging
  • Remote synchronisation
  • Alarm notifications

Bulk discounts are now available for Ignition Edge orders of five licenses or more. Save anywhere from 5% to 40%, depending on how many licenses you buy!

Upgrading Ignition Edge

Your transition to the new features is also straightforward. With Upgrade Protection, you can enjoy free upgrades based on your original product. Without Upgrade Protection, you can upgrade at 65% of the list price or, in some cases, subtract a portion of the original Edge license list price. 

Learn More

Here are a few more helpful Edge resources:

For more information about Edge features, drivers, additional modules, requirements, restrictions, and bulk discounts, please visit Inductive Automation’s Ignition Edge page  or contact Element8 at +27 11 595 8458 or

* Exchange Rate US$1 : ZAR20

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