By Jaco Markwat
Managing Director, Element8


Watch the quarterly update recording.
And hear the latest on Ignition, Canary & Flow.

Food & Bev Industry feature:
Data to Value: A tiered approach with Rowan Ray, AB InBev


Data and its value need to be realised through visualisation. You can have plenty of data but if no one can see it, or if it is not portrayed in an effective manner…it becomes worthless. Watch our conversation on Data to Value: A tiered approach with Rowan Ray from AB InBev.

We’ll also talk through the latest release of Flow 5.4.0, some of the new features and enhancements in Ignition 8.1.5 and Canary Version 21.3

So, what’s new in Flow 5.4.0? Watch the video to see it in action.

New Features:

The new release includes some exciting new features like model security, InfluxDB as a data source and event trigger enhancements, to name a few.


We’ll show you added engineering usability features like copy/paste, import/export, and using templates for events and charts.

Fixes and Updates:

Apart from a number of performance enhancements, we’ve added support for .Net Core 3.1 and .Net Framework 4.8, as well as OS support for Windows Server 2019.

New How-To Guides!

Flow and Canary How-To Guides

How-To: Migrating a Flow Instance
How-To: Filtering out Bad Data in Event Attribute Enumerations
How-To: Setting up SSL communication on Flow
How-To: Merging datasets on Canary Views
How-To: Licensing the Canary System
How-To: Connecting to an OPC UA/DA server in Canary
How-To: Importing tag data in CSV format into Canary