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We partnered with leaders of industrial automation software to bring their powerful tools to Africa. Our experienced and dedicated support team allows you to take full advantage of their functionality. Harnessing one will transform your limits. Combine them, and your potential becomes limitless.

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Connect, Design & Deploy Limitlessly

Seamlessly connect all your data, easily design and instantly web-deploy any kind of industrial application to anyone, anywhere. Install the full version of Ignition in minutes, try it for as long as you want, all for free.

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Put Your Data to Work

Curios about what it’s like to use Canary? Try a free demo of Axiom, Canary’s data visualization tool. No strings attached.

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Support Operational & Strategic Decision Making

Flow maintains a single version of the truth for your data mining, analytics and decision making. Once you’re up and running, easily upgrade your trial to keep everything going, no need to reconfigure anything.

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