By Clarise Rautenbach
Marketing Manager, Element8



Unlimited Potential
The Future is here. Just not everywhere. We’re changing that for companies across Sub-Saharan Africa. We’ve always been inspired by the future industrial automation promises. Now, we’re creating a world of limitless potential.
A More Innovative Future
The industry is mired in decades-old architectures. Particular and restricted. And, mostly served by conventional licensing models, that are antiquated and only deliver marginal value. Our limitless capabilities combined with a forward-thinking community can now produce some truly innovative solutions.
A More Open Future
Many feel overwhelmed with digital transformation demands, depleting budgets, increasing efficiency and improving the bottom line. Growth and development happen by exchanging ideas, giving direction, and having an open dialogue. Discover new ideas and technologies, through informative virtual sessions.

It’s time to kickstart your Innovation, and it begins right here.


“Element8 is a distributor of the future.”
Walker Reynolds
President, Intellic Integration

Our World-Leading Automation Software

Element8 is the exclusive distributor of leading IIoT software for Sub-Saharan Africa.
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Our Virtual Conference will be streamed live, with each session starting at the time indicated. To register for individual sessions, please complete the registration form on each of the sessions you wish to attend. All session times are in Central African Time (GMT+2)

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10:0030minsWelcome and Opening
Keynote: Derek Watts

Session 1

Keynote: Derek Watts

Motivational Speaker, Keynote Speaker, MC and Celebrity Presenter.

Derek has been a journalist for more than 25 years, presenting on South African television since 1985 and has been an anchor and presenter on Carte Blanche since the programme’s inception in 1988.

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10:3015minsThe Path to Limitless Potential
Jaco Markwat, Element8

Session 2

The Path to Limitless Potential


Element8 is here. We redefine human potential as an element of automation.

Your people are your primary elements. Only they can turn ideas into actions. Technology can empower them to do that. With us, you can build automation that starts with those people. We close the divide between human ingenuity and machine capability. With us, an affordable, practical, easy-to-use digital solution is always possible. Empower your people, make sense of your data, make better decisions more often. At the very least, improve your efficiency and profitability.

Jaco Markwat, Managing Director at Element8

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10:4545minsFlexibility, Scalability, And Mobility For Clover SA
Francois Theron & Deon Korb, Clover South Africa

Session 3

Flexibility, Scalability, And Mobility For Clover South Africa

Clover South Africa

Learn how branded foods and beverages group, Clover Industries, adopted Ignition to provide crucial system technology requirements. How their automation engineers were able to demonstrate advanced skills in an impressively short time. And, accelerated their technology roadmap capabilities.

Francois Theron, Deon Korb

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11:3030minsUsing Flow to Streamline Vertical Data Integration, a Tiered Approach
Rowan Ray, Tech Supply Specialist at AB InBev

Session 4

Using Flow to Streamline Vertical Data Integration, a Tiered Approach

AB InBev

Rowan will share a comparative view of previously used systems, and challenges overcome. And how they drove adoption towards using Flow for KPI Dashboards at a regional level. Rowan will also share the advantages of replicating data from regional instances to a Tier-2 system and the future plans using this approach.

Rowan Ray, Tech Supply Specialist at AB InBev

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12:0030minsMaking SA Manufacturing Globally Competitive
Vinesh Maharaj, Associate Director, Smart Manufacturing Lead at PwC

Session 5

Making SA Manufacturing Globally Competitive


The disruption of global supply chains has created a huge opportunity for SA manufacturers to replace imports and export to our neighbouring countries. In order to achieve this we need to improve our fundamental competitiveness. Smart Manufacturing is an ideal framework to assist in reducing costs, improving efficiencies and making local manufacturers more profitable.

Vinesh Maharaj, Associate Director, Smart Manufacturing Lead at PwC

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12:3030minsMaking Sense Of All Your Data
Jaco Cooper, Integ System Integrators

Session 6

Making Sense Of All Your Data

Integ System Integrators

Different industrial sectors use Flow to collect, calculate and visualise data to assist in optimising their daily operations. Learn how a leading SI empowered high-tech engineers to plant floor newbies with actionable information. Making everyday technical personnel reporting and data analysing mavericks. 

Jaco Cooper, Director, Integ System Integrators

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14:0030minsUnlock The True Potential Of Buried Process Data Sources
Lenny Smit, Element8

Session 7

Unlock The True Potential Of Buried Process Data Sources


Silos of information should not be a hurdle or burden for anyone in your organization to extract, contextualise and analyse data that is critical to your everyday operations. The Flow Information Platform breaks down the perception that data contextualising data is a roadblock and makes information management experts from everyone.

Lenny Smit, Customer Success Manager at Element8

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14:3030minsMake It Easy To Use Your Process Data
Jeff Knepper, Canary Labs

Session 8

Make It Easy To Use Your Process Data

Canary Labs

Getting value from your process data shouldn’t be difficult.  If you are struggling to deliver easy-to-understand reports with actionable insight to your customers, you likely don’t have a data problem, you have a software problem!  Canary wants to show you how to do more with less effort, unleashing the data rockstar living inside you.

Jeff Knepper, Business Development Director at Canary Labs

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15:0030minsThe Power Of Perspective
Travis Cox, Inductive Automation

Session 9

The Power Of Perspective

Inductive Automation

Join Travis to see the power and versatility of the Perspective Module for Ignition. Learn about building web apps, mobile-responsive design, extending to phones and tablets using native apps, security features, and more.

Travis Cox, Product Evangelist at Inductive Automation

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